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Cloud Studio process templates, available through Jitterbit Marketplaceare pre-built integration use cases that accelerate the execution of a specific business process using objects such as invoices or employees across multiple applications or systems.

Process templates are designed to reduce the time to deployment by 50 to 80 percent and can be self-implemented, delivered by Jitterbit Professional Services, or delivered by an implementation partner.

A process template consists of one or more projects using multiple endpoints, may include customization files, and has its own documentation in PDF format. After the projects are created, you must enter appropriate values in the project variables that set credentials and other information for the project in each project individually.

NOTE: Access to process templates is dependent on your organization's subscription. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

The instructions for importing, configuring, and working with the templates are provided within each template's documentation.

Cloud Studio Process Templates

Learn about the available process templates through these links. For access to a specific template and its documentation, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).


This information may help with troubleshooting common problems when working with process templates. For additional assistance with process templates, contact Jitterbit Support.

Microsoft-based Email

  • Issue: When configuring an email notification component with Microsoft-based email, testing the connection fails. 
  • Next Steps: Cloud Studio does not support Microsoft-based email. Configure the email notification component with another email provider.

Fatal Error Related to File Dependencies

  • Issue: The operation log may display an error:
    Fatal Error
    Failed to initialize transformation "". There is no file in the local file store for File_ID = 123...
  • Next Steps: Follow the steps to retry an operation.
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Last updated:  Jan 29, 2021

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