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The design canvas is the central area when you open a project that serves as the primary workspace where you visually design integrations. This page covers elements of the user interface that are present along the top of the design canvas, as well as key concepts to understand while working on the design canvas.

Accessing the Design Canvas

To access the design canvas, first open a project. In an open project, the design canvas is the central area located to the right of the project pane and to the left of the component palette, below the project toolbar:

Design Canvas Header

These elements are present along the top of the design canvas:

  • Workflow Tabs: Workflows are accessed from tabs along the top of the design canvas. Additional workflows can be created by clicking the new workflow icon The new workflow opens in a new tab within the design canvas. Workflows are numbered sequentially in the order they are created, as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc. If you reorder workflows, this numeric sequence adjusts accordingly (see Reordering Workflows under Workflow Creation and Design). Workflows can be renamed by double-clicking the name within the workflow tab.

  • Save Status: The auto-save status is displayed in the top left of the design canvas. These statuses are available:
    • Saved: All project items are saved as currently configured.
    • Saving: The project is currently being saved. This status occurs only after changes have been made.
  • Last Deployed: The date and time that any part of the project was last deployed is displayed. If no parts of the project have yet been deployed, nothing is displayed here.
  • Collapse All Operations or Expand All Operations: Toggles the display of all operations within the current workflow to a condensed or expanded view (see Expanding or Collapsing Operations under Operation Creation and Configuration).
  • Highlight Invalid Items: Toggles the display of invalid items (see Workflow ValidityOperation Validity, or Component Validity, respectively).
  • Deploy/Migrate: The orange deploy/migrate icon opens a menu where you can choose to deploy the entire project, configure project components to deploy, or migrate the project (see Project Deployment and Project Migration).

Design Canvas Layout

The primary function of the design canvas is to have a workspace where you visually design workflows. Each workflow is made up of a collection of operations that is used as a tool for your convenience to help segregate different parts of the project. For information on designing workflows, see Workflow Creation and Design.

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Last updated:  May 06, 2021

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