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Slack Connector


The Jitterbit Harmony Slack connector is accessed from the Connectivity tab of the design component palette:

Connectivity tab

This connector is used to first configure a Slack connection, establishing access to a webhook on the Slack application, and then used to configure a Slack post message activity associated with that connection as a target within an operation:

  • Post Message: Posts a message into a Slack channel and is used as a source in an operation.

The Slack connector requires the use of an agent version 10.1 or higher.

Together, a specific Slack connection and its activities are referred to as a Slack endpoint. Once a connection is configured, activities associated with the endpoint are available from the Endpoints filter:

Connectivity tab

Creating a Slack Application

As the connection will be an application that interfaces with Slack, you will need to register at Slack as a developer and create a Slack application using the Slack API. See Slack Registration for details.

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Last updated:  Nov 08, 2019

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