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As the connection will be an application that interfaces with Slack, you will need to register at Slack as a developer and create a Slack application using the Slack API. The application can have any name and settings. This can be done with a free Slack account. At the Slack website, register and create an app.

Creating the Slack App

Click on the button Create an App:

Slack application creation

Give a name for your application and select the workspace of your Slack account. Click on the Create App button:

Slack application creation

Click on the Incoming Webhooks (outlined in blue) in the section Add features and functionality:

Slack application creation

Activate Incoming Webhooks by sliding the button to On:

Slack application creation

NOTE: You may require approval from someone who manages apps on your workspace for the next steps. Use the Request to Add New Webhook button to send a request for approval.

Select from the drop-down menu the Slack channel where you want to post messages and click the Authorize button:

Slack application creation

Click OAuth & Permissions in Features section in the sidebar.

Slack application creation

Click the Copy button to copy the Oauth token, and store it safely so you can retrieve it when configuring the connector.

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Last updated:  Jun 25, 2019

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