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Functions are available to use in scripts to enhance and refine data process. A number of functions can be used to provide login and session information, and lookups for Salesforce instances.

Salesforce Functions

Salesforce connection can be referenced in a script using script functions that use a salesforceOrg as a parameter:

In addition, the Salesforce function GetSalesforceTimestamp can be used with a Salesforce session ID obtained from calling the SalesforceLogin() function.

To add a Salesforce connection to a script to be referenced by one of these functions, drag the configured endpoint from the Endpoints tab of the script component palette to the script. Or, if you already know the function you want to use, add it from the Functions tab first; then position the cursor after the opening parenthesis of the function and press Control+Space to display a list of autocomplete suggestions. Select a connection to insert the connection reference into the script.

For more details on referencing endpoints in scripts, see Endpoints on the Jitterbit Script page.

For details on using each Salesforce function, see Salesforce Functions.

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Last updated:  Jul 06, 2020

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