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Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce is a free data migration tool that enables Salesforce administrators to quickly and easily automate the import and export of data between flat files, databases, and Salesforce.

The next generation Data Loader dramatically reduces the time and effort required to automate the movement of critical business data in and out of Salesforce with built-in scheduling that allows users to ‘set it and forget it.’

Whether you’re importing new marketing leads, exporting sales data for advanced business intelligence, or updating account and contact information from database sources, Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce provides the easiest and most functional tool available—for FREE!

Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce


  • Wizard-based point & click configuration
  • Support for Insert, Update, Upsert, Query, Delete, and Bulk operations
  • Save, edit, and re-use operations, connections, and data mappings


  • Support for flat files with any delimiter
  • Connect to any ODBC or JDBC database
  • Complete web services support, including the Bulk API


  • Excel-like functions allow you to transform your data, including concatenations, substrings, and trims
  • Parallel processing provides unmatched performance, including support for Bulk loads


  • Set operations on a schedule to automate data loads
  • Management console provides full logging and operation history

Benefits of Connectivity

  • Maximize your Cloud investment
  • Rapid and easy to configure import/export of critical business data in and out of Salesforce
  • Significantly improve operational efficiencies by automating common processes
  • Rapidly import new sales leads, update accounts, or export marketing data into analytics applications
  • Provide a consistent view of customer and account information across the organization
  • Eliminate IT dependence for data loading tasks with tools designed for the Salesforce Administrator
  • It’s FREE!

Manage your Data in 5 Steps

    Endpoints including flat files, databases, or Salesforce.
    Salesforce object using point-and-click filters and conditions.
    Data fields in a graphical interface.
    Operations down to the second with built-in scheduler.
    Operations, track queues, view activity logs, and more.

Get the Free Jitterbit Data Loader

Get started with the Jitterbit data loader today at:

Data Loader Support

For support on Data Loader, please submit all questions to

Datasheet PDF

Download a PDF of this datasheet here:



  1. Anonymous

    Dataloader Activity Log page, Success file and Failure file downloading the same file.

  2. For support on Data Loader in the meantime, please submit all questions to

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Team,


    getting below error while trying to connect to Salesforce. Please provide your assistance.

    An error occurred.

    Agent is Stopped or Unreachable. Make sure Agent is running and try again.

    Studio version: Studio platform: Windows 8 - Java 1.8.0_72 Cloud: User: Org: [ID = 171218] Environment: Data Loader [ID = 172538] Agent Group: Data Loader Agent Group [ID = 153368] [Lowest Agent Version = Unknown] Timestamp: 2016-11-05 10:54:54.704

    org.jitterbit.integration.client.server.IntegrationServerException: Agent is Stopped or Unreachable. Make sure Agent is running and try again.  at org.jitterbit.integration.client.server.webservice.StudioSoapServiceConfiguration.convertToIntegrationServerException(  at org.jitterbit.integration.client.server.webservice.SoapServiceServerCall.convert(  at  at com.jitterbit.sfdc.dataloader.client.admin.engine.ProcessEngine.requestStatus(  at com.jitterbit.sfdc.dataloader.client.admin.engine.GetEngineStatusJob.runImpl(  at org.jitterbit.application.ui.job.UiJob$  at org.jitterbit.application.worker.DefaultApplicationWorker$  at java.util.concurrent.Executors$  at  at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(  at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$  at Caused by: Agent is not running. [AGENT_NOT_RUNNING]  at org.apache.axis.message.SOAPFaultBuilder.createFault(  at org.apache.axis.message.SOAPFaultBuilder.endElement(  at org.apache.axis.encoding.DeserializationContext.endElement(  at  at  at$  at  at  at  at  at  at  at  at$JAXPSAXParser.parse(  at  at org.apache.axis.encoding.DeserializationContext.parse(  at org.apache.axis.SOAPPart.getAsSOAPEnvelope(  at org.apache.axis.Message.getSOAPEnvelope(  at org.apache.axis.wsa.WSAHandler.processClientResponse(  at org.apache.axis.wsa.WSAHandler.invoke(  at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invokeTransport(  at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invoke(  at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invokeEngine(  at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(  at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(  at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(  at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(  at  at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)  at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(  at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(  at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(  at org.jitterbit.integration.client.server.webservice.StudioCallConfig$RetryManager.invoke(  at org.jitterbit.integration.client.server.webservice.StudioCallConfig$RetryManager.invoke(  at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy42.getEngineStatus(Unknown Source)  at  ... 9 more

  4. For any support assistance related to our free product (Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce), please contact us at

    In the mean time, you can try these steps:

    1. Reboot your computer and try again.
    2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader and run the bat files StopServices, and then StartServices. Wait for a while and your Agent should start.
    3. Check that you are able to login to using an internet browser in the same computer. If not, then you'll need to check your firewall and allow these host names: (,,
    4. If you are on proxy, then enter the correct proxy information.

    Please contact us at, if these steps don't work for you. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous

    I want to  uninstall the Cloud Data loader but couldn't find a option in  control panel program or uninstall option in the Jitterbit UI.

    Can someone suggest me how to uninstall the software.  

    1. You can search for the program in Windows search like "Uninstall Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader". If you didn't find this then please stop the services of the Cloud Data Loader using the bat file which is located at the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader\StopServices.bat"

      and then delete the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader

      Remove the services using the cmd like: sc delete “Service Name” (Get the actual service name from the Services.msc)

      You can also clean up the registry as well by going to regedit

  6. Anonymous

    Hi, How many records can the cloud data loader process in a single file ?


    1. So far, we have not seen a limit to this. Anyhow, if you have a large number of data then we would recommend that you use the Bulk processes within your Data Loader. If you have any further questions, please contact us at as this is the dedicated forum for any support related to this particular product.