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  1. Jitterbit-Salesforce-Technical-Overview.pdf

    authentication and access control, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) options for encrypting data in files, LDAP authentication for accessing directory serves, Web
  2. Cloud Agent Groups

    with certain LDAP implementations. (Added in 10.8) 10.8 APAC: Released 11 November 2019 EMEA: Released 12 November 2019 NA: Released November 13, 2019 … Jitterbit continues to be Built for NetSuite (BFN) certified. (Added in 10.4) LDAP passwords can be set and updated in Jitterbit
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  3. 8.7.0

    $ and $ support for LDAP Dates in transformations. Studio Drag-and-drop of Project Variables into SQL … without credentials to include un-decryptable values of Project Variables. Fix: Fixed bug when editing an existing LDAP structure: if a new LDAP Source
    Jitterbit Success CentralAug 29, 2018
  4. 8.14.0

    and Send/Publish) to allow the use of global data elements. New Feature: LDAP Source and Target support for project and global variables. Agent New Feature: Support for emojis in JSON documents. New Feature: LDAP Source and Target support for project and global variables. New Feature: Support for JMS Activities
    Jitterbit Success CentralDec 31, 2018
  5. Editing the Configuration File - jitterbit.conf

    the use of LDAP. To turn this option off, set to 0. jitterbit.scripting.ldap.include_dn_in_results false By default, scripts do not include … , paged search for LDAP is turned off in scripting. By default, Active Directory allows your queries to pull only a certain number of records at a time
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  6. Increasing the Jitterbit Tomcat Heap Size

    The parts of Jitterbit that are implemented in Java (currently LDAP and JDBC) run in Apache Tomcat which requires a Java Virtual Machine. The default maximum heap size of the JVM may not be enough for you in which case you will get an error, possibly something such as: Java heap space Cause stack trace
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  7. Jitterbit Security

    be used to access Jitterbit Private Agents. It is possible to do an LDAP transformation to disable users, but the password cannot be set from the operation
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  8. Supported Endpoints and Protocols

    / FTPS / SFTP HTTP / HTTPS JDBC / ODBC LDAP SMTP/POP3 Web Services: SOAP (WSDL, XSD, DTD), REST Windows File Share (SMB) File Formats XML – Schema (.xsd
    Jitterbit Success CentralJan 05, 2021
  9. Salesforce Upsert Wizard

    Storage, Database, HTTP, LDAP, or None); or  Click the Select or Create New button to create a new Source of the currently selected type; or Choose None if you … to use:dbTableSelection.png Using the wizard, specify the SQL Where clause to use: dbWizardSQLWhere.png When finished, click the Next button to move to . LDAP Source
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  10. Exporting Source and Target Settings

    , Login, Password HTTP : URL, Login, Password LDAP: Server, Login, Password, Base Name, Port, Security Level To export settings, right-click on the source
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