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  1. Exporting Source and Target Settings

    In some situations, you may want the changes made to a particular source or target to be applied to other sources and/or targets in your project. Here … several database sources/targets using the same password, you can enter the password into one of those sources/targets, and then export the password settings
    Jitterbit Success CentralOct 24, 2018
  2. Specifying Source and Target Fields Dynamically

    In the configuration of a source or target, you can use global or project variables. These can be either ones that you define as part of a project, configure … Variable Source Global Variable Target Variables Sources and Targets Last updated:  source global-variables
    Jitterbit Success CentralOct 24, 2018
  3. Export Source and Target Settings

    Exporting Source and Target Settings
    Jitterbit Success CentralOct 24, 2018
  4. XML as Source and Target

    XML as a Source and Target
    Jitterbit Success CentralOct 24, 2018
  5. Converting a Database Source or Target to Use a JDBC Driver

    source or target that currently uses an ODBC driver to one that uses a JDBC driver, follow these steps: Open the source or target that uses an ODBC driver … or parameters for a JDBC driver, contact Jitterbit Support. Database Sources and Targets Transformations
    Jitterbit Success CentralDec 02, 2019
  6. XML as a Source and Target

    and XML to data. Before using XML as a source or target, Jitterbit requires an XML schema (xsd) or document type definition (dtd) to describe the XML structure … validation before generating the target document. Last updated:  target xml source transformation
    Jitterbit Success CentralOct 24, 2018
  7. Sources and Targets

    Design Studio Sources and Targets Sourcessource defines properties of the system that Jitterbit connects to and retrieves data from. The system … Global Variable Source HTTP Source LDAP Source Local File Source Temporary Storage Targetstarget defines the properties of a system that Jitterbit
    Jitterbit Success CentralNov 13, 2018
  8. Using LDAP Sources and Targets

    source attributes to the target. You can use conditions, multiple folders, any transformation function etc … attempted. LDAP Functions LDAP Source LDAP Target
    Jitterbit Success CentralFeb 04, 2020
  9. Integration Pattern Using Shared IDs to link Source or Target Records

    Linking Source or Target Records Using Shared IDs
    Jitterbit Success CentralMay 10, 2018
  10. Linking Source or Target Records Using Shared IDs

    Use Case A common integration problem is that the source and target records need a shared record ID, driven by the need to link records and/or provide … . Example 1 A typical example is to fetch master data from a Source of Record, send to a Source of Transaction, then later on use that ID to update the Source
    Jitterbit Success CentralApr 19, 2019