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  • Password Require Special Character(s): Requires at least one of the following special characters in the Harmony password for a registered member in an organization. This setting does not apply to SSO organizations.

     ! # $ % _ < = >

  • User Password Expires In: Requires the organization's active registered users to change passwords every X number of days (Default: 90). This setting does not apply to SSO organizations.
  • Inactivate User Accounts In: Deactivates any account registering no activity within X number of days (Default: 90). This setting applies to both Harmony and SSO organizations.
  • Password History: Requires users with a forgotten password not to re-use the last X number of used passwords (Default: 5). This setting does not apply to SSO organizations.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (TFA): Requires two-factor authentication (TFA). All of the organization's members will be required to enter a verification code emailed by Jitterbit (in addition to their username and password) when they sign in. They will be required to re-verify their devices every X number of days (Default: 30). If this setting is selected, then the setting TFA on Each Login, below, cannot be selected. This setting does not apply to SSO organizations.
  • TFA on Each Login: Requires two-factor authentication on every login as opposed to every X number of days. If this setting is selected, then the setting Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), above, cannot be selected. This setting does not apply to SSO organizations.
  • Enable Remote Agent Configuration: Enables remote agent configuration through the Management Console (see View or Edit Jitterbit Conf in Agents > Agent Groups).
  • Member's Domains: Restricts access to the specified domains. Separate multiple domains using commas or semicolons.
  • Override Schedule Agent Time Zone: Enables specification of the time zone in which all current and future schedules across an organization will run. This setting will be implemented only for schedules on agent version 10.40 or later. 


    NOTE: Any scripts that use date and time functions will not be overridden with your selected time zone.

  • Time Zone: Once enabled by Override Schedule Agent Time Zone, the Time Zone field will automatically populate with the time zone as reported by your browser. To select a different time zone, backspace on the populated time zone and select or type the desired time zone from the dropdown. 
  • Enable SSO: Enables SSO for all members of the Harmony organization, except for those included in the Bypass SSO list. For configuration details, see Enable SSO in Configuring SSO in the Management Console.

  • Bypass SSO: Bypasses the SSO settings for any users specified in the Bypass SSO User Info dialog. For configuration details, see Bypass SSO in Configuring SSO in the Management Console.

  • Require APIs Have Security Profile to Publish: Requires that APIs created through API Manager have a security profile assigned. Requiring that APIs have a security profile is enforced on any newly created or edited APIs when saving the API, regardless of the status (Draft, Published, or Published with Draft). Any existing APIs that do not currently have a security profile assigned will be unaffected until they are edited (see Custom API ConfigurationOData Service Configuration, and Proxy API Configuration).
  • Enable Audit Logging: Activates audit logging of user activity in select Harmony applications, such as Management Console and Cloud Studio. See Audit Logging with REST API for details.
  • Enable Whitelist IP Range: Requires that the IP address — when logging in to the Harmony Portal or Design Studio, or when providing credentials during configuration of a Private Agent or Private API Gateway — be only from the specified IP range.
  • Save: Saves any changes to the Edit Organization Policies dialog. The Save button is disabled unless changes have been made, with the exception of the Bypass SSO list.

  • Cancel: Closes the Edit Organization Policies dialog without saving. Changes to the Bypass SSO list are saved even if you cancel out of the Edit Organization Policies dialog.